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Introducing PA-Geo!

PA-Geo is here! Founding Officers and Members are excited to introduce the Pennsylvania Geothermal Heat Pump Association, Inc (PA-Geo). PA-Geo is a member-funded, non-profit trade association recently incorporated in 2019. Founding members of PA-Geo are residential and commercial geothermal professionals and subject matter experts focused on the advancement of geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems  in Pennsylvania. 

Mission and Goals

PA-Geo focuses on increasing the visibility and understanding of GHP systems by connecting consumers with local professionals and inspiring property owners and stakeholders to invest in GHP systems. PA-Geo also provides training and education to those who wish to broaden their knowledge of geothermal technology and its many environmental and economical benefits.

The Pennsylvania Geothermal Heat Pump Association is a non-profit, member driven organization with a mission to grow the geothermal heat pump industry and educate Pennsylvanians about the benefits of this technology.

PA-Geo will focus on the following goals:

Inspire/Advocate: PA-Geo strives to promote and advocate for geothermal technology. GHP systems are clean, renewable and efficient; paving the way for the larger goal of creating a healthier, more stable future for local and global communities.

Educate: PA-Geo will offer training classes, seminars and educational courses to industry professionals and consumers who wish to broaden their knowledge of geothermal heat pump technology and its many economical, educational and societal benefits.

Connect: PA-Geo members are experts in geothermal heat pump systems across many different disciplines. Connecting consumers with  local and trusted industry professionals assures they are receiving high quality  geothermal products and services.


PA-Geo is currently working to attract members of the geothermal & HVAC community to support the expanded use of clean, renewable, geothermal heating and cooling systems In PA. Membership in this trade association will enable geothermal professionals to be on the cutting edge of one of the most promising solutions to the energy & climate issues that are plaguing PA today.

Officers and elected directors are the voting members that set policy; however, membership at any level is crucial to the success of the Association. Memberships are for a calendar year with any new membership paid for after September 30th counting for the following year. For an additional, one-time fee Founding Members are listed on the PA-Geo Website as such.

Join PA-Geo!

We invite you to join us in achieving our goal to expand the use of geothermal heat pump technology in PA and increase your business! To view membership types/pricing or to submit a membership application, please click the link below.

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