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GEO Launches First Ever Brand-Neutral Geothermal Awareness Campaign


The Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO), together with its manufacturer members: Water Furnace, ClimateMaster and Enertech, has introduced the Geothermal Industry’s first ever brand-neutral awareness advertising campaign. The four organizations announced that they have joined forces to promote industry wide awareness around heating and cooling with geothermal energy. As listed on the campaign’s recently launched website, their mission is to: “Liberate you from dependence on fossil fuels” and their core values are Transformation, Optimism and Clarity.


The advertising campaign, which they’ve coined: “Geothermal: Energy We Can All Agree On” is put together by third party agency 180 LA. 180 LA has an impressive portfolio of clients such as University of Phoenix, Miller Lite, and Post Mates and notes that their calling is to “shift perspectives”.

The campaign’s central message is that everyone can find value in the benefits that geothermal offers – “red or blue, we can all believe in green”. In other words, some choose geothermal for the environmental advantages, others for the conservational or financial advantages. Its first commercial features a quirky climate change activist interviewing real life skeptics. While the two parties can’t agree on everything, they do come to the conclusion that geothermal offers many financial benefits compared to conventional systems.

The 16-month long campaign will focus its efforts on industry awareness and getting more consumers in the funnel. Paid and organic social media will play a large role in reaching and engaging with consumers. The group has put together this Digital Toolkit to assist industry professionals, stakeholders and geothermal advocates with getting the message across to their audiences.

Visit the campaign website to learn more:



The Pennsylvania Geothermal Heat Pump Association, Inc. (PA-Geo) is a nonprofit, member-driven, trade organization founded in 2019. PA-Geo's founding members are residential and commercial geothermal professionals and subject matter experts focused on the advancement of geothermal heat pump (GHP) technology  in Pennsylvania.  PA-Geo focuses on increasing the visibility and understanding of GHP systems by connecting consumers with local professionals and inspiring property owners and stakeholders to invest in GHP systems. PA-Geo also provides training and education to those who wish to broaden their knowledge of geothermal technology and its many environmental and economical benefits.


Geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems use the thermal properties of the earth, in conjunction with electricity, to provide space conditioning and water heating to facilities.  Below the surface of the earth, the temperature remains constant. This stable temperature provides a source for heat in the winter and a means to reject excess heat in the summer. In a GHP system, a fluid (typically water) is circulated between the building and the ground loop piping buried in the ground. In the summer, the fluid picks up heat from the building and moves it to the ground. In the winter, the fluid picks up heat from the ground and moves it to the building. Heat pumps in the building make this transfer of heat possible.


We invite you to join us in achieving our goal to expand the use of geothermal heat pump technology in PA and increase your business! To view membership types/pricing or to submit a membership application, please click here.

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