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Advancing Geothermal Energy in Pennsylvania

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About Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) Systems

Geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems use the thermal properties of the earth, in conjunction with electricity, to provide space conditioning and water heating to facilities. 

Below the surface of the earth, the temperature remains constant. This stable temperature provides a source for heat in the winter and a means to reject excess heat in the summer. In a GHP system, a fluid (typically water) is circulated between the building and the ground loop piping buried in the ground. In the summer, the fluid picks up heat from the building and moves it to the ground. In the winter, the fluid picks up heat from the ground and moves it to the building. Heat pumps in the building make this transfer of heat possible.

It's important to note that Geothermal Heat Pumps are also referred to as Ground Source Heat Pumps or Geo Exchange Systems. These names are often used interchangeably within the industry, but refer to the same technology. 


The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has concluded that 

the appropriate service life

value is 20 years for a geothermal heat pump and 50 years for a ground loop. 


No fossil fuels need to be consumed on site. The EPA has stated that GHP systems reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by up to 40% over conventional HVAC systems.


GHP Systems utilize the almost unlimited amount of thermal energy stored in the Earth to deliver heating & cooling to a facility.


According to a Study conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, if all existing buildings were retrofitted with GHP systems, it could reduce national primary energy consumption for heating and cooling by  46%.

About PA-Geo

The Pennsylvania Geothermal Heat Pump Association, Inc. (PA-Geo) is a nonprofit, member-driven, trade organization founded in 2019. PA-Geo's founding members are residential and commercial geothermal professionals and subject matter experts focused on the advancement of geothermal heat pump (GHP) technology  in Pennsylvania.  PA-Geo focuses on increasing the visibility and understanding of GHP systems by connecting consumers with local professionals and inspiring property owners and stakeholders to invest in GHP systems. PA-Geo also provides training and education to those who wish to broaden their knowledge of geothermal technology and its many environmental and economical benefits.

The Pennsylvania Geothermal Heat Pump Association is a non-profit, member driven organization with a mission to grow the geothermal heat pump industry and educate Pennsylvanians and it’s workforce about the benefits of this technology.



PA-Geo offers training classes, seminars and educational courses to industry professionals and consumers who wish to broaden their knowledge of geothermal heat pump technology and its many economical, educational and societal benefits.



PA-Geo members are experts in geothermal heat pump systems across many different disciplines. Connecting consumers with  local and trusted industry professionals assures they are receiving high quality  geothermal products and services.



PA-Geo strives to promote and advocate for geothermal technology. GHP systems are clean, renewable and efficient; paving the way for the larger goal of creating a healthier, more stable future for local and global communities.

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